WaterFilter Project

WaterFilter Project


Water management in Kenya


Carbon offsetting of the Climate Finance Day event:

As the Carbon Neutral Partner, EcoAct has selected these three carbon offsetting projects which comply with the most rigorous international carbon standards (Gold Standard and VCS) and best practices (ICROA) and contribute to the achievement of many Sustainable Development Goals.


In Kenya, thousands of families have to boil water to make it drinkable, using firewood ; this process contributes to deforestation of local forests and generates respiratory diseases linked to the combustion of biomass.

On the other hand, non-purified water brings severe diseases such as malaria, or diarrhea for young kids etc.


The WaterFilter program, developed with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, has distributed over 900,000 water filters to local populations, each filter having the capacity to purify 18,000 liters over its lifetime.


4.5 million people have now access to safe water. Wood consumption has been reduced, avoiding around 2 million GHG emissions each year.

The program strongly contributes to health improvement (reduction of respiratory and waterborne diseases) and has been the first in delivering this new methodology.

It also improves economic conditions by having created 48 full-time jobs in the community and 32 services centers for filters maintenance.

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